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War on FGM – 2015

2015 will see the new making of feature documentary with a professional crew, on location in Kenya. This documentary will bring bring the refugees sheltered in Carole’s home back to their tribes. This can be alleviating the long fought issue of early marriage and female genital mutilation. More soon!

Maasai warriors

This assignment was about investigation on Female Genital Mutilation and Early marriage in this area of Kenya. I spent time with the Maasai herdsmen and warriors. Few of them are still hunting freely as they did, as they live in or at the border or Maasai mara national park. The Kenya Wildlife services is struggling […]

The village’s surgeon

She is 75, and has been doing this for 30 years. She has cut clitorises and labia of countless girls. The procedure is barbaric and unsafe. Every December, girls ready to marry are gathered and line up outside her hut. One by one, they lay on a cow skin, and are mutilated with a razor […]

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