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Elephant Go-go

The second workshop, the Bangkok workshop organized by Aperture Asia workshop.
Quite a different format and experience. Held in the heart of Bangkok, a vibrant city with its incredible diversity and energy.
Workshop tutors David Alan Harvey and James Nachtwey hosted daily shooting critiques with a crew of about 25 participants, in my opinion and at my level, twice as much as it should have been (and was advertised) to be effective. That said, observing the changes in photographer’s skills and personality throughout the week was inspiring and motivating, so more was better in this case.

I was assigned an interesting topic: street elephants of Bangkok. It turned out to be an amazing experience to be with elephants and their crew for a few days.

Every night, along with hundreds of sex-starved or simply curious farangs, 30 elephants roam the bar streets of Bangkok.

This is a lucrative business for some…. investing in an elephants and staff to make it roam around, and take a chunk of the benefits. What does the elephant get? Sugar cane and showers.