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Children of Tendol’s Children’s home in Shangri-la

Multimedia slide show here. Give it 5 seconds to pre-load and pump up the volume! Its 3 minutes long.

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Its there … in case you want to go.

Throughout the travels, I meet other travelers and wile in Guizhou, I met Richard (www.GlobalRoots.org). When he told me about his project to help children in Shangri-la, it immediately resonated for 3 reasons: Tibet is a dream destination for any traveler or photographer, and I have been looking for a good purpose to go. Second, like you all certainly do, I love children and love photographing them. Finally, and this seemed like a great way to contribute and help the children.

So I went to Shangri-la in Tendol’s charity (http://www.tendol-gyalzur-tibet.ch), and spent 4 days with the children, brought back many images and memories. I met every child, and although I forgot some of their names, their faces will stay with me forever. Through the eyes and expressions of the children, I sensed a deep desire to connect with me, you, all of us, and hopefully this intent was conveyed through these images.

Finally, I would like to call on the dedication of the people I met through this trip. The mother and father of the house, whose priority is always to the children and have the huge responsibility of their security, education and well-being. Tsebho, our local guide, always ready to help, Daisy, who tirelessly led the entire donation process and showed so much patience and passion, and finally Richard who put the entire mission together and allowed us to be part of it.