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Sichuan, 6 month after…

Bored to death in Shanghai…. buildings rising and taxis honking… to much chaos. Chengdu trip was long due for logistic and timing reasons, this was the time to go: exactly six month after the devastating earthquake. In addition, I collected two large ‘snake skin’ bags of clothes to donate, from my closet and the employees.

After a few hours in a flying tin can, the car brought me directly on the epicenter near Beichuan. On the way, I was amazed by the reconstruction efforts… tunnels, roads, bridges…

I was also amazed by the traffic jams.. hours long waiting for a truck to get out of the way. No-one rushes here, “whats the difference… it can happen again anytime and we are lucky to be alive.” said the driver.

The theme of the trip was to contrast the destruction, reconstruction to the survival of the people and cultures. I aimed directly to the areas with cultural color, Quian zhu.

Photographically speaking this trip was a failure, as I had missed key shots in key areas. Not enough time….

However I had a wonderful experience in Taopingqiangzhai, sharing a grilled goat with the entire village and a guest of honor, Jet Li and the villagers, like this little girl.

The multimedia below is what I could salvage from that trip. Give it a few seconds to load.

I will return.

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