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Oayuwa Mattew, 12, leaves in a family of 6 in Mtito Andei ( Kenya), bordering the Tsavo National Park. Her parents are poachers. They set traps in the park to capture and sell bush meat to other villagers and brokers coming from Nairobi. They burn 100 year old trees to get $5 worth of charcoal.

No Government support here, and unemployment is booming, dry seasons get dryer, economy and political regime unrest drive away international tourists. Young girls get into prostitution as early as 13, and deaths from HIV are in sharp increase.

Oayuwa is dreaming of a better future.



Childen of the Matulani Community primary school.




a0105217“I make bricks, and when I sell some, I can buy some rice, or soap, or shampoo.”


Pictures taken during a visit to Kenya, Tsavo Area, for GlobalRoots.org

Many thanks to Hasselblad China for gracefully loaning a wonderful H3D2 and 50-110mm lens for this trip.