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Water Hardship


Mtito Andey, Kenya. The hardship of villagers such as Amiwa: year over year, less water, less wood, less jobs, less money. Many are forced into poaching, setting traps to catch wildlife in the bordering Tsavo national park. Many are forced into prostitution, at a time where HIV infection rates are at their highest.


Masai Mara. Masai children on their daily water duty.


Old man, his transistor, bicycle with which he carries 60 liters of water twice a day, to his village 25k away.


Water holes, well guarded.


“Water is brown here, but its not salty. Its clean, we can boil it and drink it. There is no water around so this is the only place we come for our drinking and cooking. We have to come early, sometimes elephants and monkeys are here, and its dangerous.”


“I am a mother of 3 children. I am 30 years old. This water is also used for watering our garden. Before, there were a few wells given by government and agencies, but now they are broken and no-one takes care of them.”


Pictures taken in the context of a GlobalRoots mission

Many thanks to Hasselblad China for kindly lending a H2D3-39 and a 50-110mm system.

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