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Its always good to remind yourselves of which values drive your decisions – long term and short term. Here are mine.

  • Act with Integrity, strong ethics and honesty
  • Achieve everything I undertake with excellency. Always do my best
  • Care, love and nurture my friends and family
  • Keep it Human. People first in all my decisions
  • Keep my freedom of choice within constraints
  • Think different, think creative, think beautiful
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Look for the beauty and gift in anything which comes your way
  • Be impeccable with my word and my appearance
  • Be loyal and respectful to yourself, to your commitments, and to your values
  • Engage in activities which promote my happiness, health and development
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Influence and empower others positively and sustainably to lead them to success
  • Keep inner harmony and balance
  • Eat the right food, listen to the right people, watch the right media
  • Face and solve problems, do not procrastinate
  • Be around people who are open, creative and honest
  • Practice Judgement. Know the rules, bend them as needed