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Kenya 2012
Early marriage and Female Genital Mutilation: conflict of culture and evolution

Aerial imagery

The following videos are examples of aerial imagery done in various places in Asia. Available in ProRes format, 2k (2048×1152, 29.97 or 60fps), 1080 or 720p.

Low internet connection: low-resolution version here

Low internet connection: low-resolution version here

Low internet connection: low-resolution version here

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How: Guiding principles, values, and commitments:

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Operating modes and achievements

  • Regularly operate in the most difficult conditions with minimum assistance, some in the context of GlobalRoots humanitarian research or survey missions, some as assignments
  • Embed in Afghanistan with ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) and Afghan Air force
  • Chase Somalian poachers with Kenya Wildlife Services ranger
  • Camp in Cambodian wilderness for humanitarian missions
  •  Explore China/Tibet and Kenya remote and sensitive areas in search of humanitarian heroes
  • Crossed Africa Sahara, explored western Africa in military trucks
  • Surveyed Sishuan’s earthquake devastated areas to assist victims
  • Crossed Cardamom jungle in Cambodia on motorcycle
  • Pioneered Solar cooking with GlobalRoots in 20 Kenyan communities
  • Researched and documented Female Genital Mutilation and early mariage
  • Researched, planned, negotiated and sustained green houses in water-deprived zones to produce tomatoes
  • Raised schools with minimal budget in education-deprived plantation areas
  • Brought community awareness on water quality and impact on health
  • Researched, planned and installed solar-powered lamps in Tibet and Kenya
  • Researched and planed establishment of vocational schools in Kenya and Afghanistan
  • Worked with Kyila, founder of, on setting up a kindergarten for blind children in Lhasa/Tibet
  • Some of the results of these projects an be seen on
Usage rights
  • All media produced is public domain, can be used with prior authorization and reference to the author and/or

Northern Afghanistan, 2010
Orphans of Russian, Taliban and Opium wars. Different weapons, same victims: the children

Western Tibet, 2011.
Abandoned at 4 by a death and mute mother unable to sustain a child, XiaoPinguo did not speak a word for 2 years. Care, sustenance and love finally overcame her trauma. Today she can sing.

The girl with the pink shoes

The little maasai girl with  pink shoes. The father  behind, looking forward to selling her to an elder as a 4th or 5th wife, for a dozen cows and a few blankets,.. that is, after she gets mutilated and survives. Getting to school and marring a man she loves? The candle is her hope, along […]


Its always good to remind yourselves of which values drive your decisions – long term and short term. Here are mine. Act with Integrity, strong ethics and honesty Achieve everything I undertake with excellency. Always do my best Care, love and nurture my friends and family Keep it Human. People first in all my decisions […]

Northern Afghanistan

Small school in Baharak. Children here study outside, when the weather allows. Winters are so harsh that schools are closed. Boys and girls study separately, boys focus on science and math, girls tend to be taught more practical skills such as simple calculus or farming. Children in the below pictures are orphans, lost their parents […]

Traditional healers of Cambodia
The last generation of community doctors using water, python oil, saliva, betel-nut and more to cure villagers.


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